Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scandal Baguio Camp john hay golf course drink problem

Scandal Philippe Baguio Camp john hay golf course drug problemThe Camp John hay golf course in Baguio city has many of its caddy boys who are regular uses and have alcoholic problems. I know this is correct because I speak to my bother in law and his friends who are all golf workers and caddies at Baguio Camp John hay golf course.

In my opinion playing golf is for the middle and upper-class people and the drink abuse are for the lowers class of people. I just wondered what the management of the Philippe golf course at Baguio city Camp John hay thinks about this Pinoy drink Scandal.
Is this the sort of place were you want to hold your informal business meeting at.

P.S Mr. John Hay if you can give me proof all your workers are clean, I will add this new information to my Blog post with the date of improvement.


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